Baby Care Unit

It is a part of the delivery room service where babies do not stay permanently. Babies are temporarily kept in this section only for operations like postpartum first care, bathing, screening tests and training.

The first evaluation of the newborn baby is done in this section by the pediatrician.

In this assessment early risk factors -if they exist- are identified.

By planning against these risks, the family is informed at every stage.

The most important function of the baby care room is to provide information about breast milk and breastfeeding and to inform the mothers and expectant mothers during the training process.

In 2009, our institution received the title of BABY FRIENDLY HOSPITAL.

In this program where the baby and the mother are brought together as soon as possible after the delivery (within a half hour to 1 hour), the diet starts with breast milk and until the baby is 2 years old, only breast milk is recommended with additional food. Educations is greatly important for us within this program.

Within the Baby Friendly Hospital Program, all departmental staff, as well as all the employees of the departments in connection with mothers and babies, are trained at regular intervals on breast milk and breastfeeding, and families are supported in this regard.

Our counseling and training process continue uninterruptedly after discharge.