Ear – Nose – Throat

In the ENT department policlinic examinations of our hospital, endoscopic and microscopic procedures are used and both medical and surgical treatments of otolaryngology and related head and neck diseases are performed.

Services Provided in the Ear-Nose-Throat Department

• Child and adult hearing disorders
• Hearing and balance system diseases
• Dizziness
• Hearing loss
• Ear infections
• Ear membrane surgery
• Tinnitus 

Throat Diseases
• Tonsil/adenoid problems
• Voice disorders
• Aphonia
• Treatment of vocal cords, nodules and polyps
• Deglutition problems

Nose and Nose Diseases
• Olfaction disorders
• Chronic sinusitis
• Nasal obstructions
• Nasal bleeding
• Nasal fractures

Head and Neck Tumors
• Ear tumors
• Nasal tumors
• Throat cancer (early diagnosis)
• Neck tumors,

• Snoring and sleep asphyxia (sleep apnea)

Operations Performed in our Ear-Nose-Throat Unit

In addition to all the above-mentioned treatments and examinations in our hospital, the following surgeries are also performed within the area of ear-nose-throat unit: Endoscopic tonsil, adenoid, snoring, sinusitis, head and neck tumor surgery, hearing loss and ear infection surgery, surgical interventions for voice disorders. and aesthetic nose operations.

Doctor of Ear-Nose-Throat

Op. Dr. Mithat TOPAL

Op. Dr. Bilal ÇETİN