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Environmental Policy

As Private Duygu Hospital, we act as an organization that is sensitive not only to human health but also to the environment. Our environmental policy aims to minimize our environmental impacts by supporting the sustainable use of natural resources. In this context, we continue our vision of being a green healthcare institution with our environmentally friendly practices and continuous improvement targets.

  1. Saving Energy and Water:

As Private Duygu Hospital, we focus on using energy and water resources effectively. We aim to minimize our energy consumption and save water by investing in renewable energy sources.

  1. Waste Management and Recycling:

We adopt a meticulous waste management policy in order to minimize waste production and contribute to recycling. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment through separate collection of recyclable materials, waste reduction strategies and environmentally friendly waste disposal methods.

  1. Green Building Standards:

We take care to comply with environmental sustainability standards, from the design to the construction of our hospital buildings. Increasing energy efficiency by using green building technologies, encouraging the use of natural light and choosing environmentally friendly materials help us minimize our environmental impact.

  1. Earthquake-Friendly Working Environment:

Along with environmental sustainability, we aim to be prepared for disasters and earthquakes. We aim to protect our society by effectively combating environmental risks with our emergency plans and equipment.

  1. Green Supply Chain:

By choosing environmentally friendly products and services, we align our supply chain with our environmental policies. We extend our environmental responsibility to every stage of our supply chain by choosing products and materials that reduce environmental impacts.

As Private Duygu Hospital, we take responsibility for a healthy environment and society both today and in the future with our environmental policies. This policy, guided by the principles of environmental sustainability, aims to contribute not only to our patients, but also to the entire society in taking a step towards a healthy future.

Please contact us for detailed information or to contribute to our environmental policies. We hope to build better together for your health and our environment.

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