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Patient Rights

Right to Benefit from Services

All patients who apply to our hospital have the right to benefit from all our services, regardless of their opinions and social characteristics.

Right to Request Information

Our patients have the right to learn what all services and opportunities provided by the Health Institution are and the conditions for benefiting from these services.

Right to Choose and Change Health Institution

If there is no medical risk in changing the health institution due to life-threatening conditions, our patients can receive treatment by choosing the health institution they want.

Right to Recognize Personnel

Our patients have the right to be informed about the identities, duties and titles of the doctors and other medical personnel who will provide or provide health services to them.

Right to Prohibit the Provision of Information

Our patients may request that they, their families or relatives not be informed about their health conditions.

Right to Consultation

Our patients have the right to request consultation with another specialist, if they request and accept additional payment.

Right to Privacy

Our patients may request that the information obtained due to the provision of health services be strictly disclosed, except in cases permitted by law, that the source of all medical evaluations and health expenses be kept confidential, that people not directly involved in their treatment be absent during medical intervention, and that their personal and family lives not be interfered with unless the nature of the disease requires it.

Obtaining Consent from the Patient:

Except for medical and legal obligations, the patient has the right to participate in the decisions to be made regarding his treatment after being informed as much as possible about the risk of death or serious side effects related to his disease, problems related to recovery and the chance of success as a result.

Right to Refuse and Stop Treatment

Except for cases required by law, our patients may refuse or stop the treatment after the negative consequences that may arise are fully explained by the doctor, provided that they take responsibility for them. (After the intervention or treatment has started, withdrawing consent and stopping the treatment is only possible if there is no medical risk.)

The Right to Respect and Dignity

Our patients and their families have the right to receive service at all times and under all circumstances in a respectful, kind, compassionate and friendly environment where their individual dignity is protected.

Right to Have Visitors and Companions

Our patients can receive visitors and have companions in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by the institution.

Right to a Safe Environment

Our patients can demand to be safe. Everyone has the right to expect and want to be safe in a healthcare facility. Necessary measures are taken by our hospital to protect and ensure the safety of life and property of patients, their relatives such as visitors and companions.

The Right to Fulfill Religious Requirements and Benefit from Religious Services

Our patients have the right to freely fulfill religious conditions, within the means of healthcare institutions and organizations, provided that they do not cause disruptions in institutional services.

Right to Learn Examination and Treatment Fees

The patient has the right to request and receive a clear and detailed invoice of the fees to be paid for the services provided by the healthcare institution.

Patient Responsibilities

Patient responsibilities are one of the most important conditions that will ensure the best results in medical treatments and increase the quality of health. Our patients’ responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To provide complete and accurate information about the health status to doctors and nurses responsible for providing medical services.
  2. Communicating openly with all healthcare professionals and having an optimistic approach
  3. Working in cooperation with medical personnel on the information to be given to them, the decisions taken regarding health and all matters
  4. To recognize the possible risks and limits of medical science and to maintain a realistic approach in this regard.
  5. Making decisions and consent on important issues regarding the health services provided
  6. To meet the financial obligations required by health expenses on time.
  7. To strive to keep their health at the highest level through measures such as regular exercise, not smoking, and adopting a healthy eating habit.
  8. To be sensitive about all precautions taken and recommended to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
  9. To respect the rights of other patients and their relatives.
  10. To be aware of the obligation of healthcare providers to provide effective treatment to other patients and society.
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