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Quality Management

SKS Quality Management System

Health Quality Standards, one of the four basic building blocks of the Turkish Health Quality System, were developed to reveal the targeted quality level for all health institutions and organizations providing services in Turkey and to provide guidance for implementation.

HKS sets are created to cover all institutions and organizations providing public, private and university status health services in Turkey.

SKS sets, together with the scoring system, guidance statements for standards and evaluation criteria, and supporting documents in the annexes, are also a tool that minimizes the risks that may be encountered during healthcare and ensures the management of risks.

In order to maintain quality studies in health effectively and consistently, various auxiliary guides published by our Ministry together with the Health Quality Standards must be addressed and implemented from a holistic perspective.

Quality Standards in Health are prepared with a systematic approach, based on the World Health Organization targets, international developments, and the needs and priorities of the country’s health system.

During the standard preparation studies, the opinions and suggestions of users and relevant experts are received through various methods, and especially field practitioners are included in all processes related to quality studies.

Celil SEZER| General manager

Kiss. Dr. Melih ÜSTÜN| chief physician

Mehmet Burak SEZER | Hospital Manager

Arzu AYDIN | Quality Director and Management Representative

Burcu ŞAHİN GÜL | Nursing Services Manager

İlkay YILMAZ |Patient Services Manager

Hülya AYANOĞLU | Patient Rights Officer

Sadi ÇİMEN | Emergency Department Responsible Physician

Fatma KUZU | Charge Nurse

Nebahat ŞERBETÇİ | Charge Nurse

Gülseren KARAOĞLAN | Charge Nurse

Turkan GARGIN | Charge Nurse

Ünsal BİLGİN | Responsible Physician

Kadir AYYILDIZ | Charge Nurse

Gülsen KARADAĞ | Charge Nurse

Müesser BİNAR | Responsible Midwife

Hasan YAVRUCUOĞLU | Responsible Physician

İlayda YÜCE | Charge Nurse

Murat YILMAZ | Responsible Physician

Ali Umut AYABAKTI | Physiotherapist

Ceyla ÖĞÜN | Clinical Microbiology Specialist

Ayşegül ÖZAY DÜLGER | Responsible Technician

Burhan ÜNAL | Responsible Physician

İsmail ÇELİK |Responsible Technician

Muhammet Berkay KOÇ | Responsible Manager

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