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Visitor & Companion Rules

Welcome to our hospital

You can be sure that we, as a team, will do our best to help you recover and regain your health as soon as possible. Our healthcare team will follow up and treat you carefully. You can convey any request regarding your illness or service to your physician and nurse.

Please Trust Us!

Your physician will visit you in your bed every day and make the necessary evaluations regarding your disease.

Your nurse will follow up and treat you in accordance with the instructions given by your doctor.

You can reach the nurse via the phone at the service counter.

B Block 4th Floor Inpatient Service: 1400

B Block 5th Floor Inpatient Service: 1500

B Block 6th Floor Inpatient Service: 1600

A1 Block 4th Floor Inpatient Service: 1451

In case of emergency, press the nurse call button.

In addition to a nurse call system, your room also provides TV, air conditioning and intercom services. Please notify your nurse if there is a problem with these services.

To benefit from our hospital’s cafeteria services, you can call 103 and request your room . The hospital cafeteria is open 24 hours a day.

The prayer area of our hospital is on the ground floor.

During your stay in the hospital, breakfast, lunch and dinner services are offered to you and your companion.

Breakfast: 07:00 – 08:00

Lunch: 12:00 – 13:00

Dinner: It will be between 17:00 – 18:00 and will be served in your room.

In order for us to provide you with a more effective health service, please pay attention to the following points.

Assist the treatment process by telling the healthcare personnel all your complaints about your illness, any previous illnesses you have had, the inpatient treatments you have received, if any, and the medications you use.

Respect the rights of hospital staff, other patients and their relatives.

Do not leave jewelry and/or other valuables in your room. Our institution will not be responsible in case of loss.

Visitor Rules

In our hospital, patient visits are made every day between 08:00 and 22:00.

In order to prevent the health and treatment of our patients from being disrupted, scented foods and drinks brought by visitors from outside are not accepted.

In our hospital, families are informed that children under the age of 12 should not visit patients due to the risk of infection and the negative psychological effects of children.

To avoid the risk of infection, visitors should not use patient belongings or sit on patient beds.

For the sake of your patient’s health, be careful to keep visit times short.

For the comfort of other patients receiving treatment in our hospital, care should be taken to ensure that no more than three visitors enter the patient room and that no noise is made.

During the treatment and examination of our patients, visitors are expected to leave the room and take care of patient privacy.

Be sure to wash your hands before and after the visit.

If the visit of our patients is prohibited by the physician for medical reasons, we are kindly requested not to insist on the visit. If you see a warning hanging on the patient room door during the visit, do not enter the patient room without speaking to the nurse.

In order to protect our patients from infection, ground flowers are not allowed in patient rooms.

It is strictly forbidden for our visitors to smoke inside the hospital and outside the areas designated by the hospital management.

Intensive Care Visitor Rules

Intensive Care Units can be visited by the patient’s first degree relatives twice a day. In special cases, short-term visits are made with the permission of the department doctor.

The number of visitors is limited to a maximum of 2 people.

Food and beverages are not allowed in Intensive Care Units.

During the visit, visitors must comply with the Intensive Care Entry-Exit Rules.

Please contact our physician to get information about your patient in Intensive Care Unit.

Companion Rules

Companions will comply with hospital rules. In case of violation, the accompanying person’s status will not be accepted.

Companions will not perform any action on the patient (except for the doctor’s and nurse’s instructions).

Appropriate conditions are provided for companions to stay in our hospital.

Companions must use hospital belongings in an orderly and clean manner. Legal action will be taken against the companion who damages hospital property.

In order to provide you with a peaceful environment, patients and their relatives should not talk loudly or make noise in the patient room and service corridors. In addition, the televisions in your rooms should be used in a way that does not disturb others.

Companions will not take their patients out of the hospital or change their beds unless requested by the relevant physician or nurse.

No food or drink should be given to the patient without consulting the doctor or nurse.

Companions should not talk loudly in patient rooms and corridors and should not disturb staff and other patients.

Companions will not use tobacco or alcohol within the hospital.

Service nurses should be informed about companion changes.

Companions should inform the nurse if there is any problem with their patient.

There is no companion application in our Intensive Care Unit.

Your doctor will inform you whether your patient requires a companion.

Companions are expected to comply with all the rules of our hospital.

Attendants are expected to assist in the care of their patients only to the extent permitted by the doctor and nurse.

You can convey your negative experiences, wishes and complaints to or by using the patient rights application boxes on the floors of our hospital.

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