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As Private Duygu Hospital, we are proud to offer comprehensive and special healthcare services to our patients not only from our country but also from all over the world. Our International Patient Center aims not only to treat your health problems but also to offer you a comfortable treatment process.

Our Patient-Centered Treatment Approach

At our International Patient Center, we take a personalized approach to your unique health needs. Our specialized doctors, experienced nurses and support team come together to create a special treatment plan for each patient and to best manage your recovery process. Patient satisfaction and comfort are the main priorities of your treatment process.

International Service Standards and Accreditations

As Private Duygu Hospital, we work with strict adherence to international healthcare standards. All our health services are provided in accordance with globally recognized and accepted standards. Our international accreditations reinforce our quality and reliability and aim to provide our patients with the highest level of safe healthcare experience.

Multidisciplinary Treatment and Our Areas of Expertise

Health problems can often involve more than one specialty. Our International Patient Center provides services with a multidisciplinary team that brings together doctors from different specialties . This approach is designed to provide our patients with a fully comprehensive treatment and offer a holistic solution to their health problems.

Comfortable Treatment Combined with the Cultural Riches of Istanbul

Our hospital is located in a central location of Istanbul, famous for its historical and cultural riches. Our modern facilities, comfortable accommodation and surrounding cultural attractions make your treatment process not only healthy, but also enjoyable and satisfying.

As Private Duygu Hospital International Patient Center, we aim to not only offer you solutions to your health problems, but also to provide you with an embracing treatment experience. Your health is our priority and we are here to offer you a healthier future.

International Patient Center Interpretation Services

As Private Duygu Hospital, we know the importance of overcoming the language barrier and providing effective healthcare services to our international patients. For this reason, translation services are of special importance at our International Patient Center. Our healthcare services are offered in a variety of languages to appeal to patients from around the world. The translators working in our hospital are professionals who specialize in health terminology and can communicate in the most appropriate way to meet the needs of patients.

Interpreting services at the International Patient Center ensure sensitive communication, not only overcoming language barriers but also taking into account cultural differences. Our translators act with empathy and understanding to ensure that our patients feel comfortable and receive accurate information about their health conditions.

You can benefit from our translation services for appointment procedures, file preparations and translation of other medical documents for patients coming to the International Patient Center. This allows patients to start their treatment process smoothly. Our translators convey detailed information to patients about treatment processes, medication use and other health issues in a language they can understand. This helps patients fully participate in their treatment plan.

Fast and accurate communication is vital in emergency situations. Our translators ensure effective communication between patients and healthcare professionals by providing instant solutions in emergency situations.

For detailed information, to make an appointment or for any questions, you can contact us at 0212 600 11 00.

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