Urology is a branch of medicine that examines the reproductive and excretory systems of men and women and the reproductive systems of men.

This branch of medicine combines the treatment of diseases that are not the surgical problems of the urinary system, such as the treatment of infections involving urinary tract, with the surgical procedures related to the urinary tract. All disorders related to urinary tract and reproductive system are collectively called urogenital disorders. Urological diseases are mostly seen in older women and men. In the urology section of our hospital, adult and pediatric urology areas are examined, diagnosed and treated.

In our urology department, kidneys, urinary tract, bladder, function problems, urinary retention problems, prostate, penis, and testicular diseases, male venereal diseases, infertility, sexual function and reproductive disorders, urological cancers, child urology and gynecological urology are examined and treated.

Services Provided in the Department of Urology

  • Endoscopic prostate and bladder surgeries (TURP Method)
  • Treatment of undescended testis in children
  • Diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones
  • Varicocele and testicular surgeries
  • Diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones
  • Endoscopic stone crushing surgeries
  • Endoscopic prostate and bladder surgeries (TURP Method)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunctions
  • Diagnosis and treatment of urodynamic problems
  • Infertility research and treatment in men
  • Urinary incontinence treatment in women
  • Diagnosis and treatment of congenital or subsequent urinary system diseases
  • Urinary incontinence treatment in children
  • Circumcision

Doctor of Urology Department